22 septiembre, 2016


MADONNA ON INSTAGRAM - “Acting my Age!!! Photo by Herb Ritts💘”. (SEPTEMBER 22nd)

Acting my Age!! Photo by Helmut Newton💘”.

“Acting my Age!! Photo by Steven Meisel💘”.

“ Acting my Age! Photo By Steven Klein 💘”.

“Acting my Age!! Photo by Mert and Marcus💘”.

“Still Acting my Age!!! Photo by Mert Alas.💘. How do i know I'm still acting my Age? Because its MY age and its MY life and all of you Women Hating Bigots need to sit down and try to understand why you feel the need to limit me with your fear of what you aren't familiar with. You know what happens to Bigots? NOTHING! Nothing happens to people who. Think in a limited way. Facts.....But i forgive you. 👍🏻 Because its the month of Slicha. 🙏🏻”.


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