11 octubre, 2016


MADONNA ON INSTAGRAM - “Art=Heart! 💙 All we had was our Art our Passion our creativity!! No money. No Rules. No Fear 💙 Twin Flame 💙 Basquiat”. (OCTOBER 9th)

In Praise of Great Men. Men who Fought for things! Men who inspired us to Manifest our Dreams. Artists and Freedom Fighters! We need this today!! 🙏🏻 Marlon Brando. James Baldwin. Harry Belafonte. ❤️Rebel Hearts:”.

In Praise of Great Women too!! Anyone who dances, who has studied dance, who loves dance, knows what an honor it was for me to be sitting next to this remarkable woman. Martha Graham. To have met her, studied with her, spent time with her. She turned the world of Dance upside down. Danced well into her 90's. Never compromised her artistic vision. A Force to be reckoned with. We need more of this today. 🙏🏻. Pioneers. 🙏🏻💘💘💘”.

Friendship Goals!...........Play Soccer......Do Homework........Make Music ⚽️📚🎸🎹🎤”.


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